Who We Are

Ryminster Medical Services are an established firm that has grown organically over the last ten years through the strengths of the service we deliver. We specialise in bridging the gap between medicine and law that many civil matters depend on. Our personnel include Doctors, Barristers and Solicitors so we can approach any of our clients needs by first fully understanding their perspective.

We are able to provide any medico – legal report but specialise in personal injury and occupational medicine. Our reports are used in County and Crown courts as well as Employment Tribunals and are often pivotal in determining the outcome of these cases.

Based on our experience we also train others (medically and legally) and provide our administrative services to assist clinicians undertaking medico – legal work.

If you have any requirement – be it training or reporting then contact us and we will always provide a service to meet your needs.

Contact Our Experts

Telephone 0871 704 2727

Email: enquiries@ryminster.com

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