Adult Health Reports

Fostering Medical Advice which understands:
  • Safeguarding;
  • BAAF Guidance;
  • Adoption and Children Act 2002;
  • Fostering Services Regulations 2011;
  • Fostering Services National Minimum Standard 2011;
  • Independent Review Mechanism;
  • The fostering panel and approval process.
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Ryminster work on a nationwide basis for fostering service providers (FSPs); we understand the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) approach to Adult Health (AH) reports. We provide a time and cost efficient service with excellent two way communication to ensure that you make timely progress with all of your cases with the support of our medical advice.

We are well aware of the national shortage of foster carers and the ever increasing needs of placements for young people. But some medical advisers are out-dated in their understanding of current legislation and methods of working; they are often slow to respond to the needs of the agency instructing them – we provide a completely opposite approach.

Adult Health Reports with Business Service which guarantees:

  • Competitive fixed cost with credit terms;
  • Turnaround within 48 hours of receiving instructions;
  • Expert advice to liaise with your panel when needed;
  • Office hours available from 08.00 to 17.00 weekdays;
  • An out of hours number for urgent advice from a Medical Adviser at no extra charge;

Successful fostering requires a team who work quickly, efficiently and collaboratively. We provide a qualified and understanding service to FSPs to ensure that your work runs smoothly.

Ryminster also understand that some difficult decisions must be made and clear, concise medical advice will help you form your decision. We provide an informed and considered opinion and won’t perform a U-turn the minute some challenging questions are asked.

We are accountable to everyone involved in the fostering process and are able to address all enquiries made of the expert medical opinions we provide. We are co-operative and helpful in every instance to ensure that you have the necessary medical advice and support to make informed fostering and adoption decisions.

If you are interested in our collaborative service which promotes the safety and efficiency of the fostering process then please telephone 0871-704-2727 or email to discuss your cases with our medical advisers and we shall be able to assist. Find a list of Dr Charlesworth-Jones Qualifications & Experience

“As a busy foster agency, we require and receive; a fast, professional and efficient service on every occasion.

Ryminster Medical Services not only meet these standards, they exceed them with their friendly & co-operative manner”

Fleur Johnson

Agency Manager at Sunflower Fostering

BAAF registered medical practioner

Dr Charlesworth-Jones is registered with BAAF

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