Bespoke Reporting Services for GP’s

If you are considering a career as an expert witness or looking to expand your existing profile then we can help you achieve this by managing the parts of your new business which are the most cumbersome and which you cannot bill for. Namely administration.

Ryminster Medical service take away the issues relating to this by:

Booking consulting rooms on your behalf
Simply give us your availability and which clinic venue you want to work from and Ryminster will book the venue for you. It goes without saying that if you need to rearrange your clinic for any reason we will also do that for you.
Managing your patient lists
Ryminster have the most up to date medical administration software so your clients send their claimants details to our secretaries directly who will make sure that your clinic lists are properly booked and sensibly spaced.
Confirming appointments
Once your patients are booked with us, your admin team will send confirmation letters confirming the time, and location (with a map) to each patient as if it had been sent by your own personal secretary. Then we will telephone confirm each appointment in the week before your clinic.
Typing and submitting reports
Once you have seen the patient, simply send us your notes either via email or dropbox. Our secretarial team will match up the notes with your clinic list and do the rest including sending the reports to the referring agencies or solicitors.
As part of the sending out process the secretaries will also create and send an invoice for each report.
Chasing Payments
Sadly not everybody pays promptly so payment of your invoices has to be followed up. As a large agency Ryminster have more negotiating power than an individual doctor meaning you will be at the front of the remuneration queue.

In addition to all of the above we can also market your services for other private work.

Why use an Admin Service, can’t I do this for myself?

The answer is of course you can however why would you want to? As a professional you can only bill for seeing patients and delivering reports. Not for venue booking, typing and creating invoices. Ryminster Medical Services have over ten years of experience managing medico legal work for doctors and consultants, we charge a small percentage of the amount you bill to referring agencies.

Why Choose Ryminster Medical Services?

Ryminster Medical Services have close working relationships with all the major referring agencies and solicitors. In addition we are tier two MEDCO registered. Not only can we manage your workload we can navigate you through the bad payers, poor attenders and the waste of timers so you can be fast tracked into full clinics, secure payments with great dividends.

Since working with Ryminster the number of clients which have been referred to me have increased significantly. My reports are now produced in much less time and in a more professional manner. They handle all of my administration needs enabling me to spend more time concentrating on the patient. The Ryminster team are a fantastic bunch to work with and I highly recommend them.”


Spend more time making money & let Ryminster do the hard work for you