Doctor Information: DVLA D4 Medicals

If you are interested in augmenting your income by performing driver medicals please read below to find out more on how Ryminster can help you.

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Dr Joseph Pearson


Who Needs it?

If you take a look at the back of your driving licence you will see that you have certain entitlements. Commercial drivers have additional entitlements on their licence which breakdown as:

  • HGV & LGV drivers: Class 1 or 2 now known as Category C and CE
  • Drivers who passed their test after 1997 and want to drive 7.5 tonne lorries (category C1) and drive trailers (3.5tonne) C1E
  • PCV or Passenger Carrying Vehicle (Bus drivers to you and me): Categories D1, D, D1E & DE

Collectively these are known as Group 2 drivers.

Before the DVLA grant you a provisional licence to drive one of these vehicles you must have taken a D4 Medical.

In addition if the driver has passed their test and has been driving they need to have a D4 medical every five years at 45, 50 etc right up until their 65th Birthday.

After his/her 65th Birthday the driver will then be compelled to take the test annually.

What does the Test Entail?

Please click to view or download a D4 Medical Form, it breaks down into these main constituent parts:

  • Eyetest, this is completed using a standard Snellen chart. If the driver wears glasses for driving they have to do two tests, one before and the second after correction
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Urine Diabetes test (we ask the drivers to bring their own sample)
  • Recording of any ongoing medical conditions and medication taken to manage the condition(s)
  • A health history questionnaire

Who passes or fails the driver?

The DVLA make the final decision not the Doctor, however it is a health screening so if there is a condition which the driver is unaware of that will need to be treated then it is advisable to tell the driver that the DVLA are unlikely to give him/her permission to drive until it is a confirmed diagnosis.

How long does the Medical take to perform?

On average the medical takes between 10-15 minutes depending upon the health of the driver. An experienced Driver Medical Doctor with a healthy candidate will take less time.

Is there any follow up work to do?

None. The beauty of driver medicals is that they are a one visit consultation, there isn’t a report to complete afterwards. The only time you would need to follow up an appointment is if there was an error on the form. This is why we charge £55, the driver leaves with the form and doesn’t need to see you again for 5 years (or 1 depending on age).

What does the Doctor need to be able to perform a medical?

  • Snellen Chart
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Diabetes Test stick
  • A practice stamp

What will Ryminster Medical Services Provide to the Doctor?

As part of our service to you Ryminster will provide:

  • Starter pack including D4 forms, flyers and medical stamp
  • A dedicated webpage for each location you perform medicals from
  • Google and Bing Search Engine Marketing including Adwords & SEO for each individual web page
  • Comprehensive booking system: A driver can either call, email or simply book online to see you.
  • Text reminders to the drivers the day before a medical to remind them of their appointment, location and what they are obliged to bring (please see a sample below)

Are there any other benefits?

In our experience once a Doctor becomes better known other lucrative private medical work is often offered to that Doctor, the majority of the enquiries we receive are from companies who will use the Doctor for additional Occupational Health work and pre-employment medicals. We have also found that training companies will often need to block book a doctor to come to their premises to see between 20-50 drivers in a day (Ryminster would be on hand to assist with this additional work).

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