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Having been founded by GP expert and Barrister Dr. Charlesworth-Jones, GP negligence is our specialty. The role of GPs has become more encompassing in some ways and more specialised in other ways, so our expertise has developed too. In our view it is essential for an expert to still be in regular practice if they are to be able to offer a contemporaneous understanding of care within an ever changing NHS.

We welcome all enquiries and we prefer to be involved at the early stages of a case so that our expert evidence can make a significant and continuing contribution to the case as it progresses to conclusion.

Instructing Ryminster

You are welcome to contact us to discuss any case prior to formally instructing. A telephone or Skype consultation between solicitor and expert, typically organised within one week of initial contact, will often highlight areas in which early progress can be made in the case; to identify areas of further expert evidence and information to be obtained from the claimant or other parties.

Whilst we prefer bound paginated records we are able to sort, paginate, bind and summarise notes if necessary. We store records in accordance with current Data Protection requirements and return them by registered post or dispose of them securely.


These remain a confidential matter between parties but by way of guidance, a breach of duty GP negligence report will be in the region of £1,000+VAT for say, one lever arch file of medical records.

We charge on an hourly basis for addendum reports and conferences; there are day rates for attending court. As cost budgeting becomes increasingly important we can provide comprehensive breakdowns of costs going forward.

We respond to the instructions provided to us. In cases where our expert is unable to provide a supportive opinion you can either receive a full report or opt for a curtailed/abridged report which still provides the analysis of the medical records but which reduces the extent of the opinion provided – in such cases we are able to reduce our fees to keep costs as proportionate to the prospects of the case as possible.


We individualise our approach to every client given the nature and volume of the work instructed. We understand the commercial pressures of civil litigation and can, subject to status accept payment on settlement of case. In respect of screening reports we do insist that payment is made at the time of instruction.

Each case is unique and this a general guide. If you have a specific question you would like us to answer, to book or make further enquiries either call us on 0871 704 2727, email or complete the how can we help request form on the right of this page.

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Dr Charlesworth-Jones: Medical Negligence Expert

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Legal Testimonial

Having worked with Dr Charlesworth-Jones on several complicated cases in the past I am happily able to recommend him; as an expert he has the ability to analyse the materials presented to him in a manner which is both easy to digest and appropriate to diverse legal forums. In my view, a useful medico-legal report is required to be succinct, impartial and instructive and I have no doubt that in all of Dr Charlesworth-Jones’ reports these objectives have been achieved. I have been highly impressed by his lack of equivocation and his ability to work to close deadlines. I have little doubt that in the absence of these reports my own cases would have become highly disputatious.”
Nigel Brockley
Barrister, No5 Chambers

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