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Ryminster Medical Services are rare in medico-legal as its principal Dr Charlesworth-Jones is not only a qualified occupational health assessor and practising GP but additionally a qualified barrister.

This gives us a unique ability to not only assess medical negligence from a medical point of view but also to create reports which meet rigorous legal standards. (Full Report Sample)

In most cases of medical negligence the size of the award is often predicated by the expert medical opinion of the assessing doctor. A doctor who is trained in medical practice as well as legal disciplines will often be able to present a more coherent and legally stronger case than a straightforward medical opinion.

Why Choose Ryminster?

There are a number of compelling reasons to use Dr Charlesworth-Jones’ Medico-Legal Service as your medical expert witness negligence:

  1. Qualifications: Dr Charlesworth Jones has been a licenced General Practitioner since 2005, member of the Faculty of Occupational Health from 2008 & finally qualified as a barrister in 2012
  2. Experience: As founder and principle of Ryminster Medical Services Dr Charlesworth-Jones has delivered over 45,000 medical reports ranging from RTA assessments through to death in custody reports.
  3. Location: In any given month you will find our doctors working at over fifteen different locations assessing claimant injuries for a wide range of legal disputes. (Please view the alphabetically ordered list in the right hand column to find your claimant’s nearest venue)

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Medical Negligence areas of expertise:

Our reports cover the main areas of clinical negligence:

  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosis & failure to remedy
  • Surgical Errors
  • Care Home Neglect
  • Hospital Neglect
  • Birth Injuries (mother & baby)
  • Never Events
  • Pain Management (including Anaesthetic blunders)

In addition to these areas we can also assist you with medico-legal reporting of historic cases of medical negligence (outlined above) in childhood which have led to permanent disability issues in later life.

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As costs of medical opinions are naturally high, to be able to negotiate from a position of strength before court proceedings begin with a strong and rigorous legal test of the medical injuries sustained will often allow a law firm to reduce their costs at the same time as improving their profits.

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Your clients have chosen you to get them compensation for someone else’s mistake, allow Ryminster to get the maximum awards for both your client and the highest fees for you.


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Dr Charlesworth-Jones: Medical Negligence Expert

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Legal Testimonial

Having worked with Dr Charlesworth-Jones on several complicated cases in the past I am happily able to recommend him; as an expert he has the ability to analyse the materials presented to him in a manner which is both easy to digest and appropriate to diverse legal forums. In my view, a useful medico-legal report is required to be succinct, impartial and instructive and I have no doubt that in all of Dr Charlesworth-Jones’ reports these objectives have been achieved. I have been highly impressed by his lack of equivocation and his ability to work to close deadlines. I have little doubt that in the absence of these reports my own cases would have become highly disputatious.”
Nigel Brockley
Barrister, No5 Chambers

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