Medico-Legal Screening Reports

An Expert Review of the medical records can be invaluable.

Consider the number of cases with merit which never see the light of the day for want of an early supportive expert opinion. To assist at an early stage, and unlike other experts, we accept instructions to provide a preliminary impression of a case from the GP perspective.

We understand that there are commercial risks to every case but these risks are all the more real in the absence of a supportive expert opinion which can, by our approach here at Ryminster, be obtained cost effectively. In any event we welcome a letter of approach or preliminary conversation even before receiving an instruction for a screening report and of course this costs nothing.

Ryminster have seen the simplest enquiry lead to a successful case and because we work in an open-minded way and rely on experts who provide a considered opinion we are able to offer a screening service for clinical negligence cases.


For screening reports we accept instructions from either the professional or lay client and can process medical records and provide a summary impression of the case on receipt of the accompanying fixed fee which is typically £200+VAT.

We require the complete medical records, a letter of instruction and chronology of events – even a letter from the lay client can be processed. If further information is required then we shall provide details to the requesting party.

The Screening Report

This will identify medically and legally relevant events within the records provided and illustrate a framework to the alleged case. Information both supporting and adverse to the case alleged will be highlighted and examples of both negligence and good care will be identified. The requirement for further expert evidence is explicitly identified and the further/wider issues to be explored are listed so that a view can be taken on the prospects of the case.

Ultimately, and with our innate understanding of the needs of our clients, we see the sense in considering all cases at an early stage.

Each business is unique and this is a general guide. If you have a specific question you would like us to answer, to book or make further enquiries either call us on 0871 704 2727, email or complete the how can we help request form on the right of this page.

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Dr Charlesworth-Jones: Medical Negligence Expert

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Legal Testimonial

Having worked with Dr Charlesworth-Jones on several complicated cases in the past I am happily able to recommend him; as an expert he has the ability to analyse the materials presented to him in a manner which is both easy to digest and appropriate to diverse legal forums. In my view, a useful medico-legal report is required to be succinct, impartial and instructive and I have no doubt that in all of Dr Charlesworth-Jones’ reports these objectives have been achieved. I have been highly impressed by his lack of equivocation and his ability to work to close deadlines. I have little doubt that in the absence of these reports my own cases would have become highly disputatious.”
Nigel Brockley
Barrister, No5 Chambers

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