Work Capability Assessment

Every work environment is different, and for employers to ensure maximum productivity from their workforce whilst still discharging their duty of care to it employees, it is essential to ensure all staff are capable for their roles.

Whether in a factory, office, mobile or on site; in a manual, clerical or management position, every employee must be physically able for their role. An employee who is no longer performing in their role can be managed by a capability assessment.

Ryminster have combined medical and legal experience to understand what you ask of your employees; we understand the commercial need to manage capability quickly and effectively.

Ryminster Medico Legal Services provide independent occupational health reports which address the following key points: –

  • Translating the job description in the context of the work environment and applying this to the individual;
  • Assessing the employee both the physically and mentally;
  • Providing a clear, concise opinion on job capability – no ifs or buts;
  • Advising if there is any current or prospective disability;
  • Advising if the employee is disabled (see disability assessment);
  • Advising on workplace adjustments;

You will be able to clarify or discuss the content of the report with our expert so that you are entirely satisfied that the report addresses all the issues under. As an employer or from an HR position you will be able to promote the productivity of your workforce, sending a clear message to staff that they must be capable for the roles required of them.

Our occupational health reports are independent and are relied upon by HR managers, directors and, should a claim ever arise, solicitors.

Ryminster understand that managing productivity needs to be accomplished quickly and in a cost effective way. We are able to offer appointments at a variety of clinic locations or even at the workplace or employees home. Our reports are turned around quickly and above all will deliver a very clear opinion from both a medical and employment law perspective.