CQC Registration


CQC regulates medical practices in the UK

Summerfield Healthcare are pleased to announce that we have passed our CQC inspection.

Summerfield Healthcare can continue extend practicing privileges to registered medical personnel.

Services include private vasectomy through to blood testing and general practice.

Memory Service

As part of a growth in our services SFHC is proud to announce that we are developing a comprehensive memory service.

The assessment is a two stage process:

  1. A consultation with a qualified mental health nurse specialising in memory, then a physical examination (including blood test & ECG to rule out a physical cause).
  2. Following a CT scan of the brain, the second stage is an appointment with a consultant psychiatrist, who specialises in the elderly, to diagnose and commence treatment.

Paediatric Services

Due to high demand, Summerfield Healthcare has increased our paediatric services from fortnightly to weekly.

Adult Autism Service

Dr John Biddulph has extended his autism service from diagnosing autism in children to diagnosing the lifelong, developmental disability in adults.

In addition, Dr Biddulph has begun to offer support services for adults who have autism and receive insufficient support from public agencies. His focus will be on coping strategies.

Medigold Occupational Health

Gareth Jones, head of business development recently attended the opening of our new partner Medigold London treatment centre Leadenhall Street London.

At the opening it was confirmed that D4Drivers, Summerfield Healthcare’s DVLA medical division, would take over Medigold’s Scotland driver medical contract with 1st Travel.


Increased availability for Private GP

Due to increasing demand from our patients Summerfield Healthcare has increased our GP coverage at our Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton locations to 6 days per week.

The growth in demand has been fuelled by a new online booking service which allows our patient s new or old to book directly with us at any time. An innovation which sets private GP apart from NHS GP services.


D4Drivers close in on 60 Clinics

Brighton has become the 59th and latest weekend driver medical clinic location to open since the business started in 2013.

The weekend clinic has availability is important to many drivers because their medicals take place in their own time at the drivers own expense.

Driver medical clinics are held nationwide in all four countries within the United Kingdom.

£99 Health MOT

Summerfield Healthcare’s have launched the £99 Health Screening as an entry package to our Well person and Executive medical screening programs.

The screening, which are all carried by nurses to reduce costs, offer an early detection of life changing ill health. The report can be used as the basis of fast track referral to consultant services.

Shrewsbury 10k Sponsorship

On Sunday the rescheduled Shrewsbury 10k will be run with Summerfield Healthcare sponsorship.

The race which was delayed due to the poor weather the UK suffered in March, is on back with 2 members of the Summerfield Healthcare team taking part.

We wish Tom & Paul all the best this Sunday, especially to Tom who will not only be racing the clock but also his partner!