AH1 & AH2 foster medicals reports

A fostering family

Ryminster Medical Services are expanding their foster agency medical department.

The decision was taken by Dr Charlesworth-Jones after a growing number of foster agencies decided to use Ryminster for their AH1 & AH2 medical reports.

The reasons for changing over have been varied however a breakdown of the service might be informative:

  • 48 hour working day turnaround
  • 8am-5pm telephone support
  • 4 years of Coram-BAAF partnership
  • Out of hours access to the medical advisor

Has allowed agencies to trust their reporting to Ryminster.

Adult Health Report Challenges

Traditionally many foster groups have relied on local doctors to sign off on the agency’s potential new foster family’s fitness to care (AH1 report). This has often worked well initially however, delivery of reports can become ad hoc as the GP is distracted by their everyday medical practices.

Ryminster medical services is a dedicated nationwide occupational health provider with an infrastructure which supports business users who demand an efficient service. Foster agencies have been able to take advantage of this operational efficiency and receive an improved service.

Prices for AH1 reports are £125 which is lower than the national competition and with a 48hour turnaround guarantee which allows agencies to plan their workflow far more effectively.

In addition the volume of AH1 & AH2 reporting which RMS carry out means that the foster agencies receive an expert opinion which also has the backing of experience.

Foster Agency Support

Foster agencies require clarity when making a decision to place a vulnerable child with a family. A medical report which is clear and concise goes a long way to helping new foster parents to make a start.

To discovery in detail more about the Ryminster approach to medical reporting in the fostering field (and to read testimonials) please follow the link to our adult health report page at https://www.ryminster.com/adult-health-reports/