What is Occupational Health?

& Why do Successful Businesses Implement it?

For any business to grow and maintain profitability, it needs to employ staff who are fit & capable of performing the tasks assigned to them. Occupational Health is the umbrella term applied to a number of tests and assessments which ascertain whether the employee is physically capable of those tasks or whether a job can be modified to accommodate an employee’s physical capability.

Larger businesses often have in house HR teams which will include an occupation health expert, often tied in with their health & safety practices. The main motivations for this are:

  1. Prevention of costly compensation claims;
  2. Reduction of staff turnover & training costs;
  3. Maximisation of their employees productivity;

The majority of UK businesses don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated HR let alone an occupational health advisor. However when employing one new staff member most businesses are increasing their work force by on average 5-10 percent. If your productivity dropped by 10% overnight you would be concerned however losing a staff member to long term sickness can have that effect.

In addition, making sure that a member of staff is operating to their maximum potential can be a real boom to your business, making it more profitable: isn’t that why you employ people in the first place?

Like construction, computers, equipment and banking, everything in the commercial world is becoming more and more specialised. Some of the most successful companies in the World are specialists in a particular field. Managing the health and productivity of your staff is no exception and Ryminster Medical Services provides cost effective health management advice to enable to you to maximise productivity and minimise sick leave.

You need: –

1. Advice quickly. The earlier you deal with a problem, the quicker it is solved.

We provide telephone guidance and advice – not just medical advice but because we understand your commercial needs, we tailor our advice to suit your business approach.

2. Cost-effective problem solving. Lawyers and Accountants will invoice you for every minute of their time – we won’t.

By understanding your business and with unrivalled understanding of the Health and Safety Regulations you can be sure that your time and money will not be wasted. Our founder and Medical Director is not just an Occupational Health Expert but is also a Barrister. You will not find this combination of experience anywhere else.

3. Flexibility. We fit into your business model as your Occupational Health partner.

Unlike many Occupational Health companies who fail to understand the business they are are advising and simply give you a medical perspective, Ryminster Medical Services will advise you in terms which fit with your business ethos.

4. Clear advice. We guarantee that there will be no “sitting on the fence” when we provide our advice.

There is nothing worse than vague, ambiguous, wishy-washy advice and at Ryminster Medical Services we hate this. Often we are asked to provide helpful, robust advice for Employment Tribunal claims both making claims and responding to them. Our expert evidence can make the difference between success and failure in a case.

For all occupational health enquiries and referrals please go to our dedicated website www.myocchealth.co.uk, or call 0330 094 5866 or email enquiries@myocchealth.co.uk.

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Occupational Health Testimonial

We have been very impressed with the service offered by Ryminster Medical Services.

They have been able to meet our need for our employees to have medicals required by our customers to work abroad offering a quick turnaround to allow us to meet our clients’ site requirements.

Simon Hale

MD, Vee Bee Filtration UK Ltd

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