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Prompt intervention is essential to managing staff absence and in fact any occupational health issues which arise. At Ryminster and unlike other occupational health providers we provide a same day response and a SKYPE consultation within no more than 24 hours – this includes weekends and bank holidays and all on a pay-as-you-go service so you won’t face a lengthy or costly retainer. This is the ultimate prompt and efficient occupational health service.

Employers and employees have the benefit of an occupational health advice quickly so that a plan can be put in place without waiting for a clinic appointment which the employee may not wish to or be well enough to attend anyway. Even better is that this is not a service which you have to pay a retainer for – you just pay for what you need, when you need it.

For Small and Start-up Businesses

Staff absence can be catastrophic to a new business. Investing everything you have into growth means that occupational health is low down on the list of priorities. Until you need it. This service suits small businesses perfectly by providing access to a first rate service quickly and without the burden of a retainer. It is sublimely efficient because you get a result quickly and know where you stand with the cost of the service.

For Medium Sized Businesses

Fulfilling contracts effectively requires a workforce which is both present and productive. Staff absence or a workforce working on light or restricted duties means that essential deadlines will be missed. The staff who are already working hard face even greater pressures and this is when employer-employee relations breakdown. SKYPE consultations mean that you can reach staff even when they are absent from work – you can understand the issues underpinning the absence and because you receive a report within hours of the consultation you can make commercial decisions quickly. You do not have to wait for a clinic appointment – simply tell the employee what you are doing, send us the instruction and we do the rest.

For Large and Multi-National Companies

SKYPE is a global messenger and with it comes a global occupational health service which reacts quickly to the needs of your staff. Providing support and assistance to staff who represent you overseas – you are looking after your staff and that counts for a lot. A SKYPE consultation within 24 hours ensures that no matter what the time zone you get the real time occupational health advice you need.

Call the Skype Doctor

Ryminster medical services offer Skype consultations by appointment. The consultation can take place at a location at suitable for you all that is required is that you have an Internet connection & WebCam. From our part the Dr will consult with you from his surgery office so that your confidentiality is insured.

Dr Charlesworth Jones cannot perform a physical examination online however he can offer a medico legal opinion based on the facts presented in the consultation.

Whilst we wouldn’t record a face-to-face consultation we do have the capability to record a Skype consultation, if you would like us to provide to you a video copy of the interview then please let us know.

For all occupational health enquiries and referrals please go to our dedicated website, or call 0330 094 5866 or email