1. Examinations can be undertaken at a variety of venues.


  1. The patient and Instructing Party will be notified in writing prior to the appointment and unless there is a cancellation, appointments will be notified 4 weeks in advance.


  1. In the event that an appointment can be offered at short notice due to a cancellation, the patient and Instructing Party will be notified by telephone and confirmed by email where appropriate.


Medical records


  1. Unless specifically requested by the Instructing Party, the report will be prepared with sight of the full medical records.


  1. Medical records will be obtained by the Instructing Party and sent to the Expert with the letter of instruction.


  1. The report will be provided within 7 working days of the examination taking place.
  2. Should it not be possible to obtain the medical records prior to the examination taking place, the Expert reserves the right to charge for the cost of reviewing the medical records and preparing the supplementary report should the medical records be provided after the report has been prepared.


  1. Fees for the report will be £– plus vat for a report with a record review for a General Practitioner report an extra £– and in the range of £400 – £550 for a Consultant report depending upon the complexity of the case and the volume of medical records to be reviewed.  Should a fee outside this range need to be levied, the Expert will contact the Instructing Party to discuss the fee.
  2. Fees will be levied for the review of medical records, preparation of supplementary medical reports, addendums to medical reports, preparing joint statements, answering questions and attending court.
  3. Charges for attending court as an expert witness will be supplied on request.  Should the court hearing be adjourned or cancelled due to an out of court settlement, the following charges will apply:
    1. 20 – 15 days prior to the hearing:              no charge.
    2. 14 – 10 days prior to the hearing:             25%
    3. 9 – 6 days prior to the hearing:                  50%
    4. Less than 5 days prior to the hearing:        75%
  4. Fees are not subject to detailed assessment.  Payment for the full amount is payable regardless of the recovery by the Instructing Party.
  5. Fees are due within — days of submission.  Longer payment terms such as 6 or 12 months after submission are available upon request but must be requested prior to the appointment being arranged.  In such cases where longer payment terms are agreed, the Instructing Party must keep The Expert informed as to the progress of the report or in any event within 14 days of a request by him for a progress report.  Dr Charlesworth-Jones has agreed to payment on settlement of case.
  6. In legal aid cases, it is Instructing Party’s responsibility to obtain prior approval from the Legal Services Commission prior to instruction.  In these cases, the Instructing Party must notify The Expert that the case is subject to legal aid.
  7. A non-attendance fee will be charged in the sum of £– for the patient’s failure to attend the appointment or fails to cancel with reasonable notice.


In the event of breach of contractual payment terms the directors indemnify Ryminster Limited personally of all outstanding arrears.